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TCD-7 microphone socket - Plug in Power

What is Plug in Power ?

Plug in Power is provided by most "domestic" recorders with a microphone input, this includes portable MD recorders, DAT recorders, MP3 recorders video and camcorders and also Mac and PC desktop and laptop computers which have microphone inputs. Plug in Power is additionally available on the Griffin Italk Pro which enables your iPod to become a recorder.

Some microphones require a small voltage to power them, this is normally provided by a battery in the microphone. Modern portable recorders are capable of providing this power directly by a system known as Plug In Power. It is available on the 3.5 mm (1/8") microphone socket on portable recorders*. Most recorder microphone sockets are labelled and even those that are not provide it.*

The FEL 3.5 Series Microphone preamplifiers all use this source of power, meaning the they are completely battery free. The preamp works whenever the recorder is working, it means there are no on/off switches to think about or spare batteries to carry. This means the preamp is very light and small. In use you hardly know it is there, just plugged between the microphone and recorder.

The current consumption of a mono preamp is a 300 microamps, a stereo one twice that. This tiny amount of power has a negligible effect on the recorders battery life.

*We are not aware of any domestic recorders which do not supply plug in power on their microphone socket.

Some of the recorders that supply Plug in Power:

  • Sony - All Minidisc recorders with a microphone input including the superb Sony MZ-RH1
  • Sharp - All Minidisc recorders with a microphone input including the Sharp MD-DR77 and MT270
  • Edirol R-09 24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder
  • Edirol R1
  • Griffin iTalk Pro for iPod
  • All PC and Apple Mac desktop and laptop computers with Microphone inputs

How will a preamp help me make better recordings?

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TCD-7 microphone socket - Plug in Power

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