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FEL 3.5 Series Microphone Preamplifiers

Prices are inclusive

A range of tiny preamplifiers for use with portable domestic recorders withmicrophone inputs. The preamp is powered from plug in power has no switches no batteries and is simplicity to use, just plug into the recorder and plug the mic into the preamp.

All preamplifiers below have a 1 metre cable terminated with a gold plated right angle plug, Custom cable lengths are available, see below. (except the 3.5 DX which has a nickel plated plug).

Listen to how much a FEL 3.5 Series preamp can improve your recordings.


About the
3.5 Series Preamps:

Please note the 3.5 Series preamplifiers all require plug in power to work.

These tiny high quality mic preamps are the perfect answer to low level recordings and overcoming the problems of noisy mic inputs.

Designed for use with portable MiniDisc, DAT, most camcorders along with the Edirol R09, M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 and Sony WM6 cassette recorder.

•More Sound
•Less Noise
•No batteries
•No Mains
•No switches

Ultra low noise amplification

Superb sound quality

Plug in and Go!

Tiny and very light

Most portable recorders for home use have microphone preamps which are less than perfect. Sometimes they are noisy, sometimes they just do not provide enough volume to record successfully. The FEL 3.5 Series preamps provide 20 dB of amplification which helps to lift the signal above the noise present in the recorder's internal microphone preamp.

There are no batteries to run down or change or forget to switch off (or on!). There are no switches or controls; you just connect the preamp between the microphone and recorder and go!

Please note that the 3.5 Series preamps do not provide plug in power to the microphone.


FEL 3.5 SJ 20 dB Stereo Microphone Preamplifier, a tiny preamplifier for use with microphones with a 3.5mm stereo minijack plug like the Sony ECM-MS907. The preamp is mounted as an encapsulated module in the middle of the 1 metre cable. No Batteries, no switches, Plug in and go! Low noise, High quality.

Out of Stock, available from January. Please enquire.

3.5SJ Preamp £67.50
Item Number FP302

FEL 3.5 MX 20 dB Mono Microphone Preamplifier, a tiny preamplifier for use with microphones with a 3 pin mono XLR connector. Built inside a Neutrik XLR socket, with gold plated contacts. No batteries, no switches, lightweight and simple to use.

3.5MX Preamp £77.50
Item Number FP301

FEL 3.5 SX3 20 dB Stereo Microphone preamplifier, a preamplifier for use with microphones built inside a 3 pin stereo XLR connector. No batteries, no switches, plug in and go! Low noise, High quality.

3.5SX3 Preamp £132.50
Item Number FP303

FEL 3.5 SX5 20 dB Stereo Microphone Preamplifier, built inside a 5 pin stereo XLR for use with microphones like the Rode NT4 and Sony ECM-MS957. No batteries, no switches, Plug in and go! Low noise, High quality.

3.5SX5 Preamp £137.50
Item Number FP305

FEL 3.5 DX 20 dB Stereo Microphone Preamplifier, a preamplifier for use with a pair of mono microphones each with a 3 pin XLR connector. Plug in and go! Low noise, High quality.

3.5DX Preamp £137.50
Item Number FP304

FEL 3.5 Series Preamp Cable The 3.5 series preamps have a gold plated right angle plug moulded to the cable for strength. The cable is soft and flexible so it does not place excessive strain on the 3.5 mm plug and recorder socket. The standard cable length is 1 metre, the preamps can be fitted with a longer or shorter cable (10 cm to 2 metres). If required please "Add to cart" and specify the length required by email

Custom length cable additional £5.00


Listen to what the 3.5 Series actually do.


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